Protection before damage occurs

Can you protect your network from ever-evolving threats before damage occurs? With rule-based systems, it’s virtually impossible to stay ahead of novel threats. Personam can! With sophisticated AI and unsupervised machine learning, we don't tell the tool what to find. It detects anomalies so finds known and unknown threats.

Personam - Safer. Precise. Efficient.

#1 Safer with No Rules

  • Detects threats not seen with rule-based/signature-based systems that use SIEM, DLP, and Netflows
  • Never out of date
  • Broad spectrum - detects abnormal behaviors from all entities – users & devices (including IoT)
  • Learns continuously & autonomously, so dynamically self-tunes
  • Does not use or retain your sensitive information

#2 Precise Alerts

  • Real-time, zero day alert
  • Contextualized noise-cancellation from patented, broad-spectrum algorithms
  • Unicorn-level false positives (~7 alerts/1,000 entities/week)

#3 Does More with Less

  • Lightweight (uses traffic summary data at .01% of the traffic size) so low network impact
  • Installs in under 4 hours
  • Does not depend on other products
  • Integrates easily and complements other capabilities (DLP, SIEM, UEBA/UAM)
  • Focuses human resources on resolution not detection.
  • Pays for itself within a year in resource efficiencies

Customer Case Studies

Case Study: Stealing Intellectual Property

Personam captures a trusted insider staging and stealing data. Global Law Firm, 6 regional territories, specializing in international patents and IP licensing. Regular handling of valuable pre-disclosure inventions and trade secrets.

Case Study: Compromised Account

Personam detects adversary activities to remove data from your network using a compromised account. It alerts on key stages of internal adversary tradecraft.

Case Study: Misconfigured Device

Personam detects anomalous device activities.

Don't take our word for it

Provides deep network insights

It was more than Insider Threat Detection. It gives you a baseline and count for all devices on the enterprise.

Do More with Less

We immediately learned about ourselves – our infrastructure and users. We had gaps in security due to modifications and new tools over time. Personam enabled us to identify areas of weakness, understand user needs, and mitigate risks. We got much more from Personam than expected.

Powerful Algorithms, Intuitive Dashboards

Personam has greater sophistication than other security tools, yet simple to understand.

Bridges a Gap

It constantly gets better, evolves for each enterprise. There’s nothing out there like this. It’s not just a security service, it’s an inside-out solution.