Cyber Security Solutions

Rapid and unprecedented change is the norm in today’s cyber battleground. Bridges combines the rigor of national security plus the agility of commercial applications for cyber security solutions. We are agile innovators that deliver success as a trusted partner. We secure data and networks with federal precision and personalized responsiveness.

Information Sharing

CDS, Firewalls, VPN, NAT, Load Balancing, etc.

Security Assessment and Breach Response

Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Security Audit, Threat Assessment, Breach Response

Insider Threat

Monitoring, UAM Tools, Analytics, Alerting, Investigation,

Managing Networks

HPOV, Traffic Characterization, Mission Impact Analysis, Network Fault and Performance Monitoring, Active Configuration Management

Securing Networks

Cyber Hunt, Vulnerability Assessments, Active Security / Configuration Enforcement, Fusing HUMINT with Network INT

Big Data Solutions

Are you putting your data to work for you? There’s endless data. Let us turn your data noise into answers. We have the tools to ask the right questions, deliver answers, and help you make your best decisions. Let’s chat. What are the answers you wish you knew? What did you wish you could predict?

Systems Management

Systems Administration, Supercomputers, Implementation, Architecture, Operations, Security, Cloud Migration

Data Science

Big Unstructured/Structured Data, Batch and Real Time Analytics, Tipping, AI

Software Engineering

Workflow, Dashboards, Interfaces, Scalability

Frontier Innovations

For national and commercial security, it’s constantly necessary for Bridges to deliver next-generation cyber intelligence innovation. It’s what we do to battle ever-evolving threats and technologies. We out-innovate attackers. We create solutions to new problems and with new approaches. Bridges is proud that together with our customers we make a difference in the world.
Personam Solution

Personam: UEBA ITD technology

Safer. Precise. Efficient.

Government Solutions

We have the demonstrated ability to scale as a trusted, prime contractor for enterprise-level solutions. We dig into the issues to develop deeper, custom-built solutions versus and more generic, off-the-shelf options. With long-term engagements, our talent has the opportunity to grow with the technology and to develop unique, novel capabilities.