Person of Impact: Christina Buckner

“Managing the Ins & Outs”

Christina Buckner (PMP) is the Information Assurance Operations Account Manager and IAES Program Manager at Bridges. In addition to her dependably quick thinking and disciplined approach, Christina has helpful and optimistic demeanor. She also raises beautiful Irish Wolfhounds and bowls a mean strike.

Take a listen here, or read on below:

Sarah Woods: How did you initially get interested in technology?

Christina Buckner: So I grew up around it. My dad was a software guy. He built one of the old RadioShack computers when I was growing up. I had a Commodore 64 as a kid and actually used to program it myself. So Logo was one of the initial graphics programs. I used to program in Logo, and I also used to program in BASIC.

Woods: That’s awesome. How did you find Bridges?

Buckner: They were a subcontractor of mine when I was working for Lockheed Martin. Really liked the way they treated their employees and the way they treated us as their prime. And at that point, I’d already gotten to know Ceil (Bridges’ Resource Manager). When I was ready to move, I called her.”

Woods: You’ve been here how long now?

Buckner: It’ll be five years in August.

Woods: Okay. Great. Tell me about the role that you have at Bridges.

Buckner: Today, since it keeps changing?

Woods: Yes.

Buckner: I’m responsible for cross-domain solutions and boundary solutions. So networks, firewalls. Everything that we do touches security in some way.

Woods: How would you describe your work life at Bridges?

Buckner: We work hard, we play hard. I like to get involved in a lot of things other than just work. I just talked about what I do from a work perspective. I’m involved in the events committee, so I do like to help planning the different events. I’m working on planning the O’Bridges event right now. I helped a little bit with the annual holiday party, and last year’s AFCEA 5K. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. But I really enjoy the people I work with here and just the things that we do.

Woods: Is that what you’d say you like best about Bridges?

Buckner: I think what keeps me with Bridges and not even thinking about going anywhere else is the way they treat their employees.

Woods: What do you hope to accomplish in the next year or two?

Buckner: I just want to be able to help Bridges meet their strategic goals.