Health IT Industry Facts

  • According to research, in 2016, nearly 90% of healthcare organizations had a data breach in the past two years and approximately 45% had more than five in the past two years
  • There are 74% of respondents that acknowledge that their business’ data breach was discovered by an audit or assessment
  • Breaches are costly, as they must be reported to the Department of Health & Human Services if they impact 500 or more individuals – fines are then imposed
  • “In the past two years, healthcare organizations spent an average of more than $2.2 million to resolve the consequences of a data breach involving an average of 3,128 lost or stolen records” (Ponemon, 2016)
  • Based on research, physicians in a small medical practice spend an average of $32,000 on healthcare IT services (which include IT security)
  • 48% of healthcare organizations report hiring a Forensic/IT security provider to support data security efforts.

There is a significant need for cost-effective IT security that is HIPAA/HITECH focused.