Have you seen the Bridges car lately?

We have re-wrapped the Bridges car with our new branding. Look for us on the road with one of our employee “Kudo Award Winners” at the wheel or at a job fair, company event, business development meeting, or marketing opportunity. If you have a great idea for the Bridges car, reach out to us at media@bridges-inc.com.

What’s a Kudo Award? That’s Bridges way for anyone in the company to recognize and celebrate another coworker for going “above and beyond.” We celebrate Kudos with recognition at our All-Hands Meetings, a certificate, an Amex gift card, and optional use of the Bridges car for a week. Why Kudos? Because our people are #1 here at Bridges. We have fun working hard and making a positive impact. Big or small, we take time to celebrate success along our journey together.