Bridges at the Fort Meade Alliance’s Tech Mania

Bridges’ Innovation Team was invited to present at Fort Meade Alliance’s Tech Mania Day on Friday, November 2nd. FMA created Tech Mania “to bolster high school students’ interest in STEM-based careers by showcasing the technology that is being designed, created and built right in their own backyard.” Click here for more from FMA on Tech Mania.

Bill Blick, Kevin Flint, Nick Schiavone, and Hau Mai presented “AI & Drones” to five classes and approximately 120 students throughout the day-long event. Bill and Kevin masterfully demonstrated the subject in an easy-to-understand conversation with real-world examples of how AI applied to drone technology can execute complex maneuvers that humans simply cannot. The demos were a big hit with students wearing FPV (First Person View) glasses while drones are in flight. Another group used an AI app to “draw” a simple image – while the student sketched, the AI plus automated voice guessed at what the student was drawing. The presentation was well received! It was a win versus FMA’s objective of enticing and engaging students in STEM-related subjects with applications that have become essential to solving key problems for our nation and world.

Bridges recognizes that good ideas come from various sources, so we encourage all employees to share their ideas with the team at . Your idea could be the topic of an upcoming Lunch ‘N Learn session or investment initiative.

Students enjoyed viewing drone flights through the eye of the drone via First Person View Glasses.