BRIDGES-AFCO 2018 Golf Tournament Raises $35,000 – Totaling Over 1/4 Million $ for the Wounded Warrior Project

From CEO Chuck Faughnan, III:

“We were blessed with a beautiful day and wonderful support for the 12th annual BRIDGES-AFCO Golf Tournament on Friday, Sept. 7th. Thanks to 35 sponsors, about 175 golfers, and 25 volunteers, the tournament raised $35,000 this year. That brings the total to $260,000 over the past nine years to support the Wounded Warrior Project! I’d like to give special recognition to AFCO for their partnership over the years and to The Woodlands/Diamond Ridge Golf Courses for hosting us.

“In addition to the opportunity to connect over a fun round of golf with friends and business teammates, many note that the comments by the Wounded Warrior Project speaker are the best part of the event each year. This year, Jennifer Mackinday from WWP touched the group with her inspiring story of despair and relief with the help of WWP. She shared her personal journey of how she was unprepared for the role of caregiver after her brother, James, was wounded in Iraq in 2005. You can learn more in her book Friends for Life: Strangers Brought Together by the War in Iraq.

“We choose to support WWP each year because they make such an important, positive impact and they mirror Bridges’ values – integrity, respect, courage, commitment. For background for those who don’t already know, WWP is a nonprofit, veterans service organization that provides a variety of critical services to wounded warriors and their families and to engage with national and local community organizations. WWP was founded in follow up to 9/11. They recognize “every warrior has a next mission” and “the transition to civilian life is a journey.” Each year we schedule our tournament for the week near 9/11 to commemorate the heroic efforts of our military and emergency response teams.

“Many thanks to all for your support and for making this such a fun and impactful event.”