Designed to Foster...


Our Frontier Innovations Lab is perfect for developing and testing new ideas with colleagues. Want to show off what you've been working on? The Lab is perfect for presentations too!


Our new space is developed not only for work, but for play. With a variety of work spaces and amenities to boot, we're not one to shy away from afterwork happy hours in the office.


Our open community areas, huddle booths, and team stations are perfect for inspiring collaboration, with plenty of room and setups for various group sizes and needs.


Sometimes working at a desk isn't right. We offer flexible workspace options so that you don't have to sit at your desk. Get up, and work in one of the common areas!

Reception & Entry Foyer When you get to the office, our bold and engaging feature wall can update you with the latest at Bridges.

Huddle Room An open space location to work on collaborative projects and presentations.

Workroom Area Filled with everything you need to help be productive.

Privacy Booths Need a quiet place for a phone call or meeting? This is the spot.

Innovations Lab It's ready for you – with plenty of space and all the technology your ideas need!

Lab Breakout & Kitchen Work or relax in our breakout area, or have lunch in full-sized kitchen.

Our Innovation Space Our open work environment increases collaboration

Huddle Room An open space location to work on collaborative projects and presentations.

Our Innovation Space Our exterior sign shines as a vibrant beacon on our new building.

Design & Amenities

Innovation Lab

Test, break, build, try, fly, create, innovate.

Gathering Space

Lunch ‘Learns, Happy Hours, demos, a big game.

Collaboration Space

Huddle, train, conference, chat over lunch.

Open Layout

Share, debate, relate, respect, understand.


High/low, audio, video, network, connect.

Our Brand

Bright, modern, techy, fun, not generic, it’s us!


Relax, enjoy, what’s your passion?, imagine, dream big, inspire.

Wellness Room

A private space can make all the difference when needed.