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Vulnerability scans only test for vulnerabilities that may, potentially, pose a threat to your security environment.  Once vulnerabilities are exposed, however, it is crucial to understand whether those vulnerabilities are exploitable in a real-world scenario.

Our Solution

Description of Service & Deliverables

Penetration Tests serve as a validation and substantiation of vulnerabilities found during a vulnerability scan. Penetration tests help improve the security of your healthcare facility by having professional “ethical” hackers test the exploitability of vulnerabilities before real malicious actors do.

Our penetration testing process starts with a vulnerability assessment to determine potential vulnerabilities on your network. Then we match those vulnerabilities to their associated exploits to determine which commercially-available or proprietary tools to use to exploit the vulnerabilities. At this point, we “attack” the targeted system, like a hacker would, to judge if the vulnerabilities truly pose a risk to the organization. Finally, we present our findings through an after-action report and make recommendations.


  • Fix Exploitable Vulnerabilities
  • Improve Security Posture
  • Test Effectiveness of Security
  • Substantiate Exploitability of Vulnerabilities
  • Demonstrate Due Diligence
  • Prevent External Threats

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