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Businesses focus on providing optimal services and products to their clients. The time dedication required to ensure the success of a business, most often, does not leave the appropriate amount of time needed  to maintain the appropriate awareness on compliance and regulations, or the associated penalties for lack of compliance. Additionally, business managers may be aware that compliance is necessary in their industry, but do not know where to start in regard to the necessary technologies and implementation measures, having a clear understanding as far as regulations, and developing operating policies to ensure that staff is doing all that is necessary to be as compliant as possible.

Our Solution

Description of Service & Deliverables

Our goal is to provide consulting and training services to educate our customers on their industry’s compliance regulations. Our solution also ensures that customers are clear on potential fines and criminal penalties that can result from not being compliant. We spend time shadowing our customers’ operations, gaining an understanding of electronic communications that the facility utilizes, and then providing objective recommendations for how to better secure PHI and/or EPHI. Additionally, we provide consulting advice on compliance policy development, technical implementations and specific issues that our customers may have. We strive to help all of our customers clearly understand the technology required to secure their data, as well as the related regulations that they are federally required to adhere to.


  • Clear understanding of regulations related to PHI
  • Clear advice as to how to better secure infrastructure
  • Contingency and Compliance Plan Development
  • Implementation advice
  • Specialized issue advice & recommendation
  • Staff policy training

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