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Cyber Security Solutions

We have a proven quick-response methodology for the rapid pace of market change. With our concierge services, we offered tiered solution options, so we can easily flex with differing levels of customer needs.


Businesses focus on providing optimal services and products to their clients. The time dedication required to ensure the success of a business, most often, does not leave the appropriate amount of time needed to maintain the appropriate awareness on compliance and regulations, or the associated penalties for lack of compliance.


Security Audits

Understanding and implementing the appropriate security standards, controls, and frameworks to remain secure and compliant in accordance to national and state legal criteria is challenging.


Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

Determining what vulnerabilities currently exist in your network, what threats potentially affect your organization, and the probability of a breach based on those findings can be a difficult undertaking.


Penetration Testing

Vulnerability scans only test for vulnerabilities that may, potentially, pose a threat to your security environment. Once vulnerabilities are exposed, however, it is crucial to understand whether those vulnerabilities are exploitable in a real-world scenario.


Innovative Solutions

Take Your Security to the Next Level

Trusted to secure data and networks at the scale of national security or to you. It’s our passion and commitment.

Our clients range from professional enterprises (business, medical, legal, insurance, and accounting) to public figures (executives, celebrities, and politicians)

Current risk & vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and other security measures generated by IT security companies are often solely focused on overall network security without any direct correlation to legally required compliance regulations. Additionally, assessment reports are often cumbersome to read and clearly understand.

Bridges offers solutions to protect sensitive data (EPHI and PHI) for businesses in efforts to help them feel confident that their infrastructure is in compliance with regulatory policies. Bridges offers customized solutions to: provide executive-level, action-oriented key performance indicators (KPIs) for vulnerability and risk levels. We identify threats and vulnerabilities, mitigate impacts, and manage risks. Additionally, we provide employee education, training, and consulting. By aiding customers in protecting their infrastructure and data, we can, ultimately, help them protect their business’ reputation and existing interests.

Did you know that your data could be worth the following? Popular U.S. Social Media Accounts – $129 | Stolen Health Insurance Information – $1300 | Email Accounts – $129 | Computer IP Address – $90 Source: SecureWorks, 2016; Wander, 2016

…and in Healthcare… According to research, in 2016, nearly 90% of healthcare organizations had a data breach in the past two years and approximately 45% had more than five in the past two years. There are 74% of respondents that acknowledge that their business’ data breach was discovered by an audit or assessment (Ponemon, 2016).

Our Team

Within the Bridges family, our employees are our first priority. We hire top talent for a rapid growth trajectory while maintaining our focus on culture and values. Our team of elite experts makes Bridges an industry pacesetter and agile innovator that delivers success as a trusted partner. We offer best-in-class compensation and benefits, a collaborative atmosphere, and opportunities to develop and advance. Not to mention, we have fun!

100% Hold a Security Degree and/or High-Level certification
100% Have taught cyber security in a professional environment
100% Have developed cyber security whitepapers
33% Multilingual
Dr. Seria Lakes
Dr. Seria LakesDirector of Commercial Solutions
Mike March
Mike MarchCommercial Solutions Development
Val Vask
Val VaskCommercial Technical Lead
Rick Villareal
Rick VillarealVP of Commercial Solutions

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